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Haunted Places


Haunted Places

1. Kenchester

haunted by the ghosts of Roman soldiers who march through the streets on

nights when there is a full moon.

2. Aconbury

the ghost of Sir Roger de Clifford haunts the church.

3. Pengethley Manor

haunted by a ghost called Harriet, who may have died in the fire here

in the 1820s, she is particularly fond of two bedrooms in the hotel.

4. Aylton

Aylton Court is haunted by the ghost of a young girl who lived here in the mid-nineteenth

century. She was accidentally shot by her brother, who tripped when he entered

the house whilst carrying a shotgun.

5. Hoarwithy

the stretch of the River Wye that runs near here is haunted by the ghost

of a woman sailing a boat at very high speed, often against the current.