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Haunted Places


Haunted Places

1.Woburn Abbey

the summerhouse is haunted by the ghost of the "Flying Duchess" who disappeared in 1937

after failing to pilot her plane home and was never seen again.

2.Union Street, Bedford

not far from the prison was the site of a public gallows. The ghost of highwayman Black Tomwho was hanged here in 1607 haunts the area.

3. Ampthill Park, Bedford

the ghostly figure of a man on horseback has been seen riding from Katherine's Cross to a stream close by.

4. Aspley Guise

the ghost of Dick Turpin has been seen riding along Weathercock Lane. It is said he discoveredthe bodies of a young couple at the old manor house and blackmailed the father into lettinghim use the house as a hideout whenever he wanted, as a price for his silence.