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Haunted Places


Haunted Places

1. Callow End

Prior's Court is haunted by the ghost of a Grey Lady. there is also the ghost of

a Cavalier who was walled up alive.

2. Weobley

the ghost of "Old Gregg" haunts Dunwood Farm. He was poisoned by one of his

own family, who served him stewed toad for his dinner.

3. Lenchwick

the road between here and Evesham is haunted by a spectral coach and horses.

The ghost inside the coach is thought to be John Wybon, who was executed

for murder in 1615.

4. Croft Castle

haunted by the ghost of a giant dressed in leather and a man in Elizabethan clothes.

5. Broadway

a field by the Evesham Road is haunted by a skeletal scarecrow. It is

thought to be the ghost of a boy bird-scarer who was accidentally shot dead by

a farmer who thought he was a poacher.