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Haunted Places


Haunted Places

1. Ipstones

the village is haunted by the ghosts of two black dogs, one at

Indefont Well and the other near the lane leading to Hermitage Farm.

2. Milford

Weetman's Bridge on the Rugeley road is haunted by

the ghost of a cyclist.

3. Checkley

the Rectory and Memorial School are haunted by Mrs Hutchinson, the

vicar's wife, who died in 1895. She is occasionally accompanied

by a small white dog.

4. Fradley

the industrial estate that was once RAF Lichfield is haunted by the

headless ghost of a tail gunner who killed himself by walking

into the moving propellers of a Lancaster plane.

5. Tamworth Castle

is haunted by a ghostly White Lady who is believed to

be the mistress of Sir Tarquin who was killed by Sir Lancelot

on the jousting grounds.