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Hiorne Tower

Location of the haunted place: Arundel, West Sussex

Origin of the haunting: Unknown

Background: Hiorne Tower situated in Arundel Park which is near the famous Arundel Castle. It is a fine example of a folly and noted for its triangular construction. It was built by the architect Francis Hiorne for the Duke of Norfolk in the late 18th century. A young girl's ghost tells her story.

Ghost story: I loved him so much. I know I was young but my heart told me that this was the only man I would ever love. One day he told me it was over and I was devastated. People told me I would get over it and find someone else. But I knew my life was over. I went to the tower, climbed to the top and threw myself off.

Sometimes, in the evening, you can see me on the top of the tower looking out over the park, searching for my love.

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