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Haunted Places


Haunted Places in this area

Haunted Places



1.Ayot St Lawrence


George Bernard Shaw's ghost has been seen at Shaw's Corner.

He lived there from 1906 until his death in 1950.



2. Salisbury Hall


the laughing ghost of Nell Gwyn has been seen here. The hall is haunted by the

ghost of a Cavalier who took his own life rather than be captured.



3. Hatfield House


haunted by a phantom coach and four horses which drives into

the entrance hall and up the stairs.



4. Hitchin


the priory is haunted by a Grey Lady. Also, on the 15th June the ghost

of a Cavalier rides from Highdown to the west of the town.



5. Minsden Chapel


haunted by the ghost of a monk who appears on Halloween, his

arrival is announced by the pealing of ghostly bells.