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Haunted Places


Featured Haunted Places

 1. Beeleigh Abbey

 2. Palace Theatre

Other Haunted Places

3. Layer Marney

Lord Marney , who died in 1523, haunts the staircase in Layer Marney Tower. He died before its completion.

4. West Mersea Hall

The hall, which is built on the site of a Roman villa, is haunted by the ghostly laughter of an unseen woman.

She was thought to have been a guest of Emperor Claudius, who stayed there.

5. St Peter-ad-Murum church, nr Bradwell on Sea

haunted by ghostly, silent figures that walk around inside the chapel and

unexplained lights shining from within.

6. St Osyth's Priory

haunted by a ghostly monk dressed in white that walks at night carrying a lighted candle; this

is just one of many ghosts reported here.