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Haunted Places


Haunted Places

1. St Bartholomews Church, Arborfield

haunted by the ghost of a young girl who was due to marry the gardener

at the hall, but was murdered by a jealous butler. She visits at

midnight on New Year's Eve and stands by the yew tree.

2. Bracknell

the road to Ascot is haunted by the ghost of a policeman with a mutilated face.

3. Tidmarsh

in June the ghost of a young boy can be seen rising from the waters of the

little River Tang, where he drowned.

4. The Royal Stag, Datchet

a ghostly handprint appears from time to time on a window in the pub. It is

thought to belong to a young boy who died in a blizzard while waiting

for his father who was inside.

5. Brimpton

in January, Brimpton Lane is haunted by the ghostly screams of revellers who

were in a carriage on the way to the Hunt Ball, when it plunged

into the river at Abel Bridge.