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Haunted House

O'er all there hung the shadow of a fear,

A sense of mystery the spirit daunted,

And said, as plain as whisper in the ear,

The place is haunted!

The Haunted House by Thomas Hood

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Haunted Calendar


13th - At Newark Castle near Selkirk the ghostly cries and screams of men, women and children are heard. A slaughter happened here in 1645.

28th - The ghost of Sir Walter Ralegh haunts Sherborne Castle in Dorset, where he once lived.  Sightings of his ghost have also been reported at midnight on the 29th in Ralegh's Seat.

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Spirits of an Industrial Age: Ghost Impersonation, Spring-heeled Jack, and Victorian Society.

Spirits of an Industrial Age tells the story of the ghosts that roamed the cities of Britain throughout the nineteenth century. These were not phantoms in a traditional supernatural sense, but apparently flesh-and-blood ghosts, which periodically took to the streets, harassing those out alone after nightfall. (Click on image for more details.)

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